Law Abiding Citizen Law Abiding Citizen
Film Date :   October 16, 2009
Genre :   Drama Thriller Crime   
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Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizenis a 2009 thriller film directed by F. Gary Gray from a screenplay written by Kurt Wimmer , starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler . The film takes place in Philadelphia and tells the story of a man whose developed sociopathic tendencies drove him into killing while targeting not only his family's killer but also the criminal justice system.Law Abiding Citizenwas released theatrically in North America on October 16, 2009.

The film was nominated for a Saturn Award as theBest Action/Adventure/Thriller Filmof the year, and the film also garnered NAACP Image Awards nominations for both Jamie Foxx (Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture) and F. Gary Gray (Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture).

During a violent home invasion, Clyde Shelton ( Gerard Butler ), an engineer, witnesses the murder of his wife and daughter at the hands of Clarence Darby ( Christian Stolte ). During their trial, prosecutor Nick Rice ( Jamie Foxx ) informs Clyde that the case against Darby is weak due to botched forensic evidence and that Clyde's testimony alone is insufficient to prove either suspect's guilt. Nick, against his own will, is forced to strike a deal, which is that Darby will give testimony that will send Darby's accomplice Rupert Ames ( Josh Stewart ) to death row and in exchange, he pleads guilty to third-degree murder, for which he will only serve three years in prison. Knowing that Darby is the actual killer, Clyde is left feeling betrayed by both Nick and the justice system.

Ten years later, Rupert tries to maintain his innocence but is executed by lethal injection , although rather than this being painless, his death is slow and agonizing. Investigations show the equipment used to deliver the lethal injection was tampered with and upon discovering the words "you can't fight fate" written on one of the canisters, Nick and the authorities suspect that Darby had been the culprit and they converge on his home but escapes when he receives a mysterious phone call from a unknown person warning him to flee. The unknown caller then directs him to a waiting patrol car with a sleeping officer and directs Darby to drive to a designated spot outside a warehouse. After forcing the policeman to drive there, Darby is about to shoot the policeman with his own gun but instead, he ends up incapacitated with a tetrodotoxin via the booby-trapped gun while the unknown caller/policeman reveals himself to be Clyde, who is now a violent sociopath and was actually setting a trap for Darby.

While Darby is paralyzed, Clyde then takes him captive at the warehouse, straps him onto a table with a blood pressure system and injects him with adrenaline so he won't pass out. Then, Clyde shows Darby a picture of his wife and daughter and turns a video recorder on before he avenges their murder by slowly dismembering Darby, cutting him into 25 pieces that includes his arms and legs, his penis, his eyelids and finally his head. Finding Darby's corpse, Nick, his assistant Sarah Lowell ( Leslie Bibb ), Detectives Dunnigan ( Colm Meaney ), Garza ( Michael Irby ) and the authorities realize that Clyde was behind the killings and arrest him as the chief suspect but he eventually confesses his guilt before offering a full confession in exchange for a new mattress in his cell, which Nick reluctantly agrees. Nick gets a phonecall from his wife ( Regina Hall ), who tells him to come home as their daughter has accidentally watched a DVD of Clyde killing Darby. On the next day, Clyde represents himself at his hearing before Judge Laura Burch ( Annie Corley ) but is appalled when he is granted bail and lashes out at her over this and instead, he is held in a contempt of court . Granted his mattress, Clyde confesses both to murdering Darby and to switching the drugs used in Rupert's execution. He next demands a meal consisting of pasta, asparagus and a porterhouse steak, along with his iPod, by exactly 01:00pm the next day in exchange for revealing the location of Clarence's missing attorney ( Richard Portnow ). Due to the warden's ( Gregory Itzin ) multiple checks, Clyde receives his meal at 1:08pm, as a result, the detectives arrive too late to save the attorney, who had been buried alive with a limited air supply. Meanwhile, Clyde murders his cellmate with the bone from his porterhouse steak and is sent to solitary confinement as a result. Nick confronts Clyde about the killing and questions whether his wife and daughter will feel good about him killing in their name but it backfires when Clyde insists that because they're dead, they can't feel anything.

Sarah finds evidence connecting Clyde with the Department of Defense . Nick and District Attorney Jonas Cantrell ( Bruce McGill ) learn from a CIA contact ( Michael Kelly ) that Clyde was a technical genius who facilitated assassinations, a brilliant strategist specializing in eliminating targets through unconventional means without being within the target's vicinity (one of his devices was a flechette/necktie design that was made with carbon fiber and choked a terrorist to death). After Judge Burch is killed by an exploding cellphone set up by Clyde, he and Nick engage in a war of words while it turns out that rather than the killings being for revenge, it is actually for the failure of the justice system. In exchange for showing Nick how he is killing the key players that were in Darby's trial, Clyde declares that unless he is cleared of all charges and released by the next morning at 06:00am, he will "kill everyone". When his demands are not met, five members of the staff and Sarah are killed by bombs planted within their cars' gas tanks soon after 06:00am but investigators find Nick's car has not been tampered with. Meanwhile, the mayor ( Viola Davis ), alarmed at the deaths of the district attorney staff, assigns protection details to Nick and Jonas. After meeting with the mayor and getting his family to safety, Nick confronts Clyde about the killings and tells him if he had tried to convict Darby for murder, he and Ames would both go free. Clyde says that Nick didn't even try to help Clyde's case. Clyde also says if Nick had tried and failed to convict Darby, he would have accepted his honest loss. Nick and Jonas later attend Sarah's funeral. While leaving the cemetery their convoy is ambushed by a weaponized bomb disposal robot, killing Jonas.

The already irate mayor meets with Nick who offers to resign, but the mayor refuses to accept his resignation and instead appoints him as the acting District Attorney. Nick receives information from Sarah's boyfriend Chester (Sarah had traced Clyde's property purchases), leading to a garage owned by Clyde next to the prison, where he and Dunnigan discover a tunnel leading to the solitary confinement cells along with surveillance equipment, weapons, and disguises. They realize that Clyde tunneled into the prison during the ten years prior to his arrest, and deliberately had himself sent to solitary confinement so that he could come and go and commit his string of killings while the authorities believed him to be locked up. Clyde's plans indicate that he has gone to Philadelphia City Hall . Disguised as a janitor, he places a cellphone-activated suitcase bomb in the city hall with the intention of assassinating the mayor during a security meeting with city officials. Nick rushes to city hall and finds the bomb but the bomb disposal specialist is unable to disarm it, and they cannot evacuate the building for fear that Clyde is watching.

Meanwhile, Clyde returns to his cell via his tunnel and finds Nick waiting for him. He questions whether Nick wants to make one last deal, but having finally begun to understand what Clyde has been trying to teach him, Nick reveals that he doesn't make deals with murderers anymore. Clyde exults at having finally changed Nick's ways. Nick cautions him against activating the bomb, but Clyde does so anyway. Nick seals the cell door and flees the building while Dunnigan seals the hatch to the tunnel. Clyde then realizes that they have placed the bomb under his bed and locked it with handcuffs but he sits staring at the bracelet given to him by his daughter before the bomb detonates, killing him while Nick walks away.

In the end, Nick and his wife watch their daughter perform on stage.

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